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Bi-Fold Enclosures
FROM: £165.00
Pivot Door Enclosures
FROM: £145.00
Quadrant Enclosures
FROM: £189.00
Shower Trays
FROM: £89.00
Sliding Enclosures
FROM: £165.00
FROM: £99.00

Shower enclosures have quickly become a vital addition to many modern lifestyles ­– and at Tile&Bath Co we stock a fantastic range that covers everything from corner shower enclosures to square and rectangle shower enclosures, so you’ll be guaranteed to find the perfect match for your unique taste, budget and home.

Our extensive selection of corner shower enclosures are ideal for smaller bathrooms – with the quadrant varieties being particularly space-saving – while our walk-in shower enclosures offer separate drying areas (which can be tiled or decked) provide an abundance of luxury for bathrooms where space is not limited.

If you’re looking to add some spa therapy to your home then our steam cabins provide the perfect solution. An affordable addition to the bathroom, our steam cabins not only provide a haven to relax and unwind, but also offer many health benefits. (Steam can help boost metabolism, stimulate the lymphatic system, improve blood circulation, and may provide relief to asthma and allergy sufferers).

In addition, we also also stock a large range of angled and curved screens that will help keep shower spray contained, while our selection of slim frames and frameless screens will ensure your shower enclosure intrudes less into your overall bathroom space.