Returns & Damages

Your rights as a consumer and our obligations.

  1. As a consumer you are entitled to cancel your order (subject to clause 7.1-7.6) within 14 days that begins on the day after you receive your goods. If your order is the subject of multiple deliveries due to stock availability etc then the 14 day cancellation period starts on the day after the last delivery instalment.
  2. Note:When receiving multiple deliveries for the same order you must make sure you check each delivery for any missing items or damages; notify us immediately if you think something is wrong.
  3. In cases where all Terms and Conditions have been met you will receive a full refund of the price you paid for the goods and/or services supplied. You will not receive a refund for any delivery costs incurred by Tile&BathCo.
  4. Once your Return and Refund Application has been agreed and further to clause 6.2 you will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods to us. If you return goods at our expense we will charge you such expense. The only exclusions from this are: a) if the goods are faulty (See Clause 14) or b) the goods are not as described.
  • Conditions under which your ‘14 day cancellation’ option will not apply:
  1. If you have damaged the goods during receipt of delivery.
  2. If your ordered products include grout and/or adhesive and they have been opened (other than they are faulty)
  3. Any products that have been installed or fitted (other than those proven & agreed by us to have been faulty prior to delivery and installation)
  4. Products that are the subject of bespoke production or procurement to your specifications.
  5. Any products purchased from our retail stores or have been ordered from a store and subsequently been collected from that store, collected from our central warehouse or been specified by you for home delivery (see: clause 3 Using this Web Site)
Returns & Refunds - please note:
  1. Products must be checked immediately on delivery, any missing or damaged goods must be reported to us immediately. Be careful opening packaging to check products as no return/refund is accepted if original packaging is missing or damaged. All goods being returned must be as new and with the original packing intact other than any flaps or seams that might have been opened to allow access to the product within. We reserve the right to charge for the cost of repackaging a product where the original packaging has been ruined or destroyed while unpacking.
  2. How to advise us of your wish to Cancel a Contract (your order). Cancelling your contract will only be accepted if submitted in writing (in this instance an email is acceptable) using the following options:
  3.  You can request by email that you wish to cancel your contract with us, send your request to our Customer Services Department: We will send you the Refund Request Form that you must complete and return to us by email or post.
  4. Use our Refund Request Form which is the easiest and the recommended method: Download the Refund Request Form
  5. If you have any questions before cancelling or during the cancel process you can call Customer Services on: 01656 769 777
  6. Accepted refund requests are processed within 30 days

Reporting Damages
You must notify us immediately if you believe you have reason to make a return or claim a refund due to damage(s).

  1. In the rare event of there being a damaged/defect or perceived damaged/defect you must notify us immediately. We will advise you how to proceed with the return of goods, at the time you notify us we recommend you take the following actions:
    • Take a photograph (smart phone quality is usually adequate as long as the image is not blurred) of the damage, if possible a couple of angles would be useful.
    • Make a brief note of the damage/defect and the date and time.
    • Ensure you always have your order number available or stated on any communications you send to us.
  2. Once we have the damaged/defective products back we will examine them, if we determine the problem was not of your making (or that of anyone associated with installing, unpacking or off-loading) we will offer a refund or replacement as agreed with you, this will include the cost of the delivery to you and the cost of re-delivery if you request a replacement.
  3. Refund payments will depend upon the time taken to examine (which may include expert examination by the manufacturer/supplier) the reported damage/defect, we will ensure maximum priority is given to achieving the minimum time possible. Except in unusual circumstances we expect the refund (if proven to be warranted) to occur within 30 days.
  4. Refund payments will be made using the same process as used by you to make the payment.

You can check our full Terms & Conditions here