Many celebrities and public figures (most notably of late, First Lady Melania Trump) have stated that separate bathrooms are the key to a successful marriage.

Though this may be obtainable for the

wealthy, it’s not a realistic option for the majority of us who simply do not have the space or the cash to invest in separate bathrooms. So how can we share the bathroom with our other halves and still keep the peace? Our design pros share their top tips…

Double Up On Single Basins

Opting for two single sinks or vanity units work particularly well in a His And Hers bathroom as they give each partner their individual space to pamper, preen and store their personal toiletries. From wall-mounted basins to floor-standing vanities, there are plenty of design options that will cater to both his and her needs.

Create Personal Space With A Twin Vanity Unit

Combining ample storage with the benefits of two individual basins, a Jack and Jill style double vanity unit not only offers the benefits of two basins without taking up too much space, but will also add plenty of character and style to a shared bathroom. This option is available in a range of classic and contemporary designs, as well as space-saving styles that are ideal for smaller style bathrooms that are short on space.

Save Time With A Shower Enclosure

If space allows then adding a separate shower enclosure means you can both use the bathroom to get ready at the same time. You can wave goodbye to waiting your turn for the shower and carry on with your routine while saving valuable time.

Keep It Calm With A Neutral Colour Scheme

You may be longing for feminine style finishing touches, or maybe he’s edging more towards an industrial feel, meeting halfway to keep the style, design and colours on neutral ground will help create a harmonious setting in the bathroom. Avoid anything too gender-specific and keep the peace with mutually agreed on neutral tones, accents and finishes for an optimal shared bathroom experience.