Arguably one of the most important rooms in the home, the kitchen has evolved from merely a place to cook to being a central hub for the family and a place to entertain guests.

As one of the most heavily invested rooms in the home today, it’s important to consider the style, practicality and functionality of this interior space. So with this in mind, our design experts have rounded up the top kitchen trends that are set to stay.


This interior theme has become incredibly popular for all rooms in the home – and the kitchen is no exception. This design includes raw materials (think natural stone, concrete and wood effects), rustic finishes, exposed plumbing, oversized accents, on-trend industrial style lighting and an overall look that resembles a cool – yet incredibly chic – warehouse feel.


An interior trend that’s heavily influenced by Scandinavian design, modern minimalism focuses heavily on form and function (just think of the meaning behind ‘less is more’) with an incredibly fashionable edge. Crisp lines, geometric shapes and savvy storage solutions (there’s no room for clutter with this cutting edge design trend) are all hallmarks of this contemporary look. Colour combinations are kept to a minimum with this look, and while there’s a heavy emphasis on the room’s form, function and design, there’s room for getting creative with monochromatic colours and layers of texture.

Timeless Elegance

Light and casual with a refined elegance that certainly stands the test of time, this interior trend represents a relaxed way of living with a real homely feel. Incorporating plenty of natural materials, natural lighting and a neutral colour palette to match, this classic design mixes classic shades that create a light, bright spacious feel (think whites and creams) with rich, rustic woods and light stones such as marble to create an look that’s warm and inviting.