Many factors come into play when it comes to tiling your shower. Aside from considering the colour, pattern, size and style of your tiles, it’s also important to take into account a few practicalities, too. Not sure where to start? Here are a few top tips to help you choose the right tiles for your shower…


If you’re tiling a wetroom-style shower, which will be filled with slippery water and soapsuds, then it’s all the more important to make sure your floor tiles are slip resistant. Opting for smaller format tiles such as mosaics **link to: **, which, thanks to the additional grout lines, naturally offer more grip underfoot than larger style tiles. Get a timeless look with these Lodge Mosaic Tiles **link to:** these Tracks Grey Mosaic Tiles **link to:** or these StoneAge Grey Mosaic Tiles **link to:**

If mosaic tiles **link to:** don’t fit the bill when it comes to your personal taste or shower style then there are plenty of larger style tiles that offer high slip resistance, too. We love the natural stone-effect and slip-resistant benefits of these Quarcita Tiles **link to:**, these Silex Grafito Tiles **link to:** and these Canyon White Tiles **link to:**. **please use product pics with links **

Make A Statement

The shower is the ideal place to get creative with a feature wall. Combining show-stopper tiles that feature patterns, prints, colour pops or textures with simpler style tiles will create contrast and balance for real wow factor in the bathroom. These best-selling Umbria Décor Tiles **link to:écor** and these StoneWorx Mosaico Gris Tiles **link to:** pair well with larger style neutral tiles, while these quirky Maya Mix Mosaic Tiles **link to:**, these Montana Antracita Tiles **link to:** and the variety Oyster Mosaic Tiles **link to:** will attract the eye with their textures and finishes. **please use product pics with links **

Get Glossy

Cleaning is an inevitable factor to consider when choosing tiles for your shower. If you don’t have the time (nor incline!) to be scrubbing then opting for easy-clean tiles with a gloss finish will make the task a lot easier. For an easy life, we love these Luna Crema High Gloss Tiles **link to:**, these Bisel Blanco Brillo Tiles **link to:** and these easy-fit Domo White Tiles **link to:**. **please use product pics with links **

Wet Wall

If you’d rather one seamless look for your shower then a wet wall **link to:** is an ideal option. Not only are these shower panels tough and stain resistant, they’re also easy to clean, eliminate the need for grout (and also mould), and are fitted to your unique shower size. The large variety of colours, finishes, textures and effects also allows you to recreate the look of marble, quartz, natural stone or a gloss finish for your shower, minus the price tag. Click here to see our inspiring collection of wet walls **link to:** **please use product pics with links **