Tile Adhesives & Grout Classifications

All UltraTileFix adhesives and grouts are fully CE classified, their ‘Declaration of Performance’ certificates can be downloaded at the click of a button from ultratilefix.co.uk.

The European Standards explained

EN 12004:2007

Adhesives for tiles - requirements, evaluation of conformity, classification and designation regarding ceramic tile adhesives for internal and external tile installations for floors and walls.

CCementitious adhesive
DDispersion adhesive (ready mixed paste)

Tile Adhesive Classes

1Normal adhesive
2Improved adhesive (meets the requirements for additional characteristics)
FFast setting adhesive (cementitious only) that achieves 0.5 N/mm2 in 6 hours
TNon-slip adhesive (for walls)
EExtended open time adhesive, i.e. >30 minutes (for cementitious and dispersion adhesives only)

EN 12002:2008

Determination of the transverse deformation for cementitious adhesives and grout.

S1Deformable adhesive with a transverse deformation of between 2.5mm and 5mm
S2Highly deformable adhesive with a transverse deformation of over 5mm

EN 13888:2009

Grouts for tiles - definitions and specifications for ceramic tile grouts for internal and external tile installations for walls and floors.

CG1Normal cementitious grouts with fundamental characteristics such as abrasion resistance, flexural and compressive strengths when subjected to dry storage/freeze-thaw cycles as well as water absorption measured over time.
CG2Improved cementitious grout, typically highly polymer modified cementitious grouts with additional characteristics such as reduced water absorption and higher abrasion resistance.
CG2 WAImproved cementitious grout (CG2) with additional characteristics of reduced water absorption (W) and high abrasion resistance (A).