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Choosing the right Toilet

Don't overlook the toilet when designing your bathroom! A toilets a toilet right?... not anymore, new designs, embracing the latest technology and creating new trends have resulted in a terrific range of toilets to choose from, rich with features that suit different people that want their own style of bathroom, an en suite or additional small toilet closet.

In todays world of toilets, you may have come across various names and terms that are unfamiliar, possibly confused your decision, so read on and check below - our easy to understand explanation simplifies the jargon, and provides a bit more information in each toilet category

Close Coupled (C/C)

Close Coupled toilets are the most common in the UK, made up from separate pan and cistern, with handle or push button flush. Close coupled toilets are easy to install, the design options are endless, and typically incorporate a number of the latest design trends.

High/Low Flush
Back to Wall (BTW)

Back to wall toilets feature an enclosed cistern, within a wall, with a flush button mounted on the wall, or more commonly within a cabinet of fitted furniture. Back to Wall toilets offer a modern aesthetic appeal.

Wall Hung (WH)

Similarly to a Back to Wall Pan, a Wall Hung Pan, is fitted directly to a wall, with a wall mounted flush, however with the pan mounted to the wall, and no floor fixing, Wall hung pans typically require a frame mounted behind the wall to support additional weight.

Flush Fit (FF)

Flush Fit and Semi Flush Fit, also referred to as Closed back, hide unsightly pipes and wast fittings. Offering a more modern aesthetic, without enclosing the cistern into the wall or cabinet.

Comfort Height (CH)

Comfort Height Pans feature added height to the pan, typically 4-5cm, a great benefit to taller and elderly people. Comfort height design, has become a more common feature of toilets in recent years.

Short Projection (SP)

Short projection pans offer a reduced depth on the pan, a perfect solution, for smaller or awkward spaces, where doors and obstructions might effect installation,


Rimless pans are the latest trend toilets, rimless pans feature a greatly reduced or no toilet rim around the pan, making them easier to clean and less prone to bacteria, with enhanced flush technology and design, ensuring pans flush more efficiently with less water.